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I am just dying to build and sail a replica J Class Endeavour model yacht. In the past weeks and months I have searched high and low for scale plans or a model kit, without success. One model that comes up time and again is the Metcalf Mouldings Moonbeam but, though it sails like a dream, it is not a scale model of a J Class. Nothing can compare to the beautiful bow and stern rising out of the water. It has been suggested that it would be very difficult to scale the real class into a model. I can only think this is because it carries so much sail, has a short keel and is quite narrow.

I found an interesting link on the Guildford Model Yacht club that lead me to the model above and I was about to get my credit card out when I found out just how large this yacht is (see the lady stood next to one!). I believe this model is around 10 feet in length. So, I am still looking into this classic design.

Here are a couple of interesting links

USA model above. Here, and Here, Here

UK J Class Yacht Association  Here (I have contacted them but they have no plans.)

If you can offer any help then please contact me through my contact page. Enter the minimum details and when you press send, it reveals my email address, allowing you to email as normal.


New Project - 6th March 2010.

Following my exhibiting Miss Polly at the Midhurst Model Show, I met a guy who had a Bob Underwood hull and today picked up the hull illustrated here. I’m really excited and can’t wait to make a start on it. I don’t plan to rush it and really want to do a great job, especially planking the deck. Watch this space.


An interesting comment was that models cannot be built to exact scale. The wind is not to scale and most models would lay on their sides if the hull were not modified. Watch this space.


This guy’s got a great J Class;


This US website has lots of stuff including J Class Plans


J Class Model Yachts


About J Class Yachts

During the 1930s J-class yachts were built to race in the America's Cup. Only 10 were ever built, or converted to J-class, as they were extremely expensive to build and maintain, especially in the post war years after the Cup resumed in 1958. They were replaced by the 12-metre class yachts.

The J designation refers to the class of yacht defined by its sail area, displacement, length, and mast height, formally defined in the Universal Rule. When designing a J-class yacht builders would have to decide which characteristics to maximize to build the ideal yacht.

Wikipedia overview of Endeavour